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Diabetic Wound Care

Diabetic Wound Care

Those who have diabetes fear any type of wound because of the difficulty in healing and possibility of infection. Diabetic Wound Care from Terrasil ® is a fast-healing product that works three times faster than other leading brands to heal the worst wounds and prevent infection.

Diabetic Wound CareTerrasil is a patented and physician-recommended wound care ointment that features a unique blend of minerals such as Silver Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Volcanic Clay and Magnesium Oxide. Other ingredients in Terrasil include an anti-inflammatory agent and an antiseptic. Beeswax, cotton seed oil and tea tree oil are also present in the formula.

This ointment is a one-treatment system for killing bacteria and contains essential oils and minerals that provide pain relief. Terrasil heals the toughest of wounds and for diabetics – that’s essential. Terrasil is a registered FDA remedy, combining scientific expertise with a host of natural ingredients meant to give you speedy results.

Besides killing bacteria and reducing risk of infection, Terrasil also relieves the angry redness and inflammation that can cause severe discomfort. Also, Terrasil is pain-free – there’s no shock of pain when applying the ointment and, if used as directed, can improve the wound in less than a week.

Scarring is sometimes a problem with severe wounds that take a long time to heal. With Terrasil, you can be sure you’re reducing the risk of scarring after healing takes place. The ingredients in Terrasil are all organic – no harsh chemicals to burn or irritate your skin.

It’s a deep-moisturizing product that contains no alcohol, paraben, fragrance or dye so it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. Many times, diabetics tend to have infections that are worse than non-diabetics. A small sore can turn into pressure sores or bedsores or leg ulcers and more.

Doctors highly recommend Terrasil for its help in preventing such problems and the key is to begin treatment as early as possible. It’s a formula based on ten years of strenuous research and is 100% guaranteed.

This Diabetic Wound Care product comes with a tube of Terrasil and some medical-grade bandages to get you started on the healing process or to keep it handy in case you need it in a hurry. When you’re dealing with diabetic wounds – time counts.

Diabetics have enough to think about and treat rather than having to worry about a wound turning into a severe infection and possibly leading to amputation. Terrasil can calm fears and worries and help diabetics deal with the day to day care that comes with diabetes.

Besides Diabetic Wound Care, Terrasil also offers other products such as Silver Cream to heal dry and cracked hands and feet and Antibacterial Skin Repair and Terrasil for Psoriasis and Eczema.