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Cookbook for Diabetics

Cookbook for Diabetics

A diagnosis of diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your favorite comfort foods. The American Diabetes Association has published an amazing collection of comfort food recipes that diabetics can enjoy each and every day, written by Robyn Webb, M.S., an award-winning nutritionist.

Cookbook for DiabeticsWebb writes a column and is the associate editor for Diabetes Forecast magazine and her expert advice can be found in many publications and books. She believes that by incorporating a few tweaks, diabetics don’t have to give up their favorite comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, cake and lasagna.

She proves it in the Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook. If you’re a diabetic or prepare meals for a diabetic, this cookbook can show you how you can cook and eat healthy even on a restricted diet.

Even if you’re not a diabetic, you can enjoy the recipes in this cookbook and know that you’re eating healthy rather than stuffing your body with toxic ingredients. Webb teaches you how to tweak your favorite comfort food recipes and enjoy them guilt-free.

The cookbook contains hearty and delicious classics that you can prepare for the entire family – no longer needing to prepare two meals. Everyone in the family will enjoy the flavor and come back for more.

The cookbook begins with an introduction that gives you a brief overview of how to substitute healthy ingredients for harmful ones in your favorite recipes. For example, purchasing high quality oils for cooking and European butter for taste is a tip that will help when you’re at the supermarket choosing healthy substitute ingredients for meals.

Starter recipes in the Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook include favorites such as Cheddar Baked Potato Skins and Hummus. Sides and salads, stews and soups, pasta and desserts and more are all included in the cookbook along with some tips and hints about methods and ingredients to make them healthy.

Original photography included in the book is full of color and gorgeous presentation. Each recipe has helpful hints about how to save time and how to make it guilt-free for diabetics.

Cooking for diabetes doesn’t have to be a chore that you dread – and you won’t have to cook differently for the rest of the family. Everyone can enjoy the same classic food. The diet for diabetics no longer has to be one of complexity and tastelessness.

The recipes contained in The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook are simple, but tasty. When you ask someone to name his or her favorite food, you won’t likely get a fancy or complicated dish – but most everyone will choose a classic comfort food – just like mom made. The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook proves that diets for diabetics don’t have to be dull and boring, but can offer solutions that you can put to use on a daily basis.

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