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Get Your Eyes Checked After a Diabetes Diagnosis

One of the lesser known side effects of diabetes is the damage it can cause to your eyes. This might go unnoticed at first or dismissed as a result of just getting older, because type 2 diabetes typically begins in your 40s. But instead of dismissing it, get your eyes ... Read more

Dental Needs of a Diabetic

Diabetes can seriously affect your entire body, though many areas are ignored much of the time. Many people like to focus on the feet and the heart, and while those are very important, there are many other areas at risk for diabetics as well. One of the most overlooked... Read more

How a Good Night’s Sleep Can Help a Diabetic

Around the time you’re diagnosed with diabetes, you may notice yourself having more issues sleeping. This might stem from a few different causes. It may be stress from being diagnosed, it may be a poor sleep schedule, but it also might be the diabetes itself. Studies h... Read more

Watch for Depression When You’re Diagnosed with Diabetes

Whether you were diagnosed with diabetes just recently as an adult or many years ago as a child, the side effects of diabetes are most likely still hitting you. These effects can strike every diabetic differently. Some may have it worse for certain symptoms, some may h... Read more

How Exercise Helps with Insulin Resistance

  Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar levels are too high due to insulin resistance, where your bod... Read more

High Blood Sugar Warning Signs

Diabetes testing equipment

When you have warning signs your blood sugar is too high, your body could be trying to tell you that you are on the verge of experiencing borderline diabetes, or prediabetes. This is a condition in people that develops before they get type 2 diabetes. Sometimes you will h... Read more

How to Monitor Your Blood Sugar

Possibly one of the harder things to get used to after initially being diagnosed with diabetes is the blood checks you have to perform on yourself on a consistent basis. The blood checks will measure the amount of sugar in your blood, also known as your blood glucose leve... Read more

Can Diabetes Be Cured?

The first thought that may pop into your head when being diagnosed with diabetes is what you can do to cure it, as you would with any other disease. While it may be a bit disappointing to hear, there isn’t currently a cure for diabetes. Once you have it, you have it. H... Read more

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Body

Diabetes is a very serious disease, and if left unattended and untreated, can have some pretty serious effects on your body. Obviously, there’s a formidable mental role at play in diabetes, learning how to cope with the diagnosis and adjusting your lifestyle, but the phys... Read more

How Diabetes Results in Nerve Damage

While diabetes undeniably comes with a variety of unfortunate side effects and symptoms, many are less severe than others. For example, you might have to change your eating habits or start exercising more. More often than not, these are simply inconveniences, and don’t... Read more

Different Diabetes Diagnosis Explanations

Diabetes can be a bit confusing when you first begin looking into it, because diabetes isn’t just one blanket term that can apply to all cases. Not only does diabetes differ greatly in severity, but there are also multiple types of diabetes that you may be diagnosed with,... Read more

Understanding a Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes is a very difficult thing to deal with when you first get diagnosed with it. It may seem unfair, it may seem like too much, and it can all just seem very confusing. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath, understand what you’re dealing with, and then tak... Read more

Signs of Blood Sugar Abnormalities

The main effect of diabetes is that your body cannot properly manage your blood sugar levels, because of a lack of insulin being produced. Insulin breaks down sugars in your blood and redistributes them out to other cells in your body that need them for energy. But if ... Read more

Pay Special Attention to Your Feet as a Diabetic

Diabetics experience a wide range of problems associated with the disease all over their body, but some parts of the body are more severely affected than others. Namely, the feet are a major source of danger for almost all diabetics, both type 1 and 2. One of the more ... Read more

Top Risk Factors for a Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes isn’t simply a random occurrence or something that you can just catch from strangers like other diseases. There are typically other risk factors involved that you need to watch out for that may lead to being diagnosed with diabetes. The risk factors differ sli... Read more